ZOO’TEL – Artnight

The Pullman ARTNIGHT stands for unique experiences with artistic moments. For the grand launch of the Pullman Berlin Schweizerhof, SCRIPT and TELL transformed the hotel into a wild ZOO’TEL. In addition to the extraordinary hotel design, guests experienced a world full of art, creation, shows and live music.

Berlin, 400 PAX
Client Event

In the public areas as well as in three of the hotel rooms, the guests were entertained and thrilled by animalistic artists. In addition to various show interludes, the hotel was literally brought to life by animal walk acts, a bellhop, as well as a zoo director.

The public spaces and three hotel rooms became stages for captivating animal-themed performances, delighting and enthralling the guests. Alongside various mesmerizing acts, the hotel was brought to life by animalistic walkabout artists, a lively bellboy, and a charismatic zookeeper.

True to its name, Artnight was all about celebrating art. The decor and design ingeniously embraced animal motifs and seamlessly integrated into the hotel’s overall design. The evening’s highlight was a bespoke artwork by Bugra Erol, ‘Cube Lightbox,’ featuring around 1,600 slides that collectively told a fascinating story.

The grand finale? A heart-pounding performance by the sensational party band, Diamond Soundsystem, along with electrifying dance numbers that had the crowd roaring.