Magical Prague

If you’ve ever been to Prague, you’d know the enchantment of this golden city and how it weaves its magic, drawing you in. This same spell captured the hearts of 1,100 guests from the consulting firm d-fine. In the center of the city, a palace launched a weekend of extraordinary experiences on a friday.

Prague, 1.100 PAX

With Bohemian cuisine to delight the palate, a custom video mapping display accompanied by live performances marked the perfect kickoff.

Saturday was a day of adrenaline, amazement, and culinary delights. In the morning, participants gathered for activities they’d chosen in a slick participant management system. Whether it was rafting and biking through picturesque countryside, engaging in fun games, or relaxing in a baroque palace garden, the options were nearly endless, thanks to SCRIPT and TELL.

After a delicious BBQ lunch with live music, the evening evolved into the ultimate gala show. A glass and steel palace transformed into a luxury circus, complete with over 30 show acts and artists who left the audience in sheer awe with their specially choreographed performances. The grand show finale seamlessly transitioned into an unforgettable after-party, where a shadow dance performance led the way, setting the stage for a night of celebration with the showband Diamond Soundsystem, lasting until the early morning hours.