Berlin 42

An amazing gathering of 1,500 guests, two different settings, and a wide range of entertainment – all in one place! The d-fine consulting firm’s anniversary celebration began with a laid-back food festival at a charming Berlin industrial spot in the afternoon.

  Berlin, 1500 PAX

Six outdoor areas, each with something special: whether it was savoring wine and tapas on the rooftop bar or taking a dip in the beach area’s pool. We used a digital map to make sure everyone knew what was happening.

The culinary highlight was the Streetfood Market, where you could try a variety of delicious treats. The entertainment was not just fun but also a perfect match!

Following an enjoyable summer afternoon, the festivities moved indoors for an exciting dinner show within a historic industrial hall. Indoor, the guests encountered various creative stage designs with vibrant visuals on a massive 3D mapping wall that was 32 meters wide. There was also a 15-meter-wide LED wall for live performances and video content.

Comedian Vince Ebert brought laughter and guided the audience through a show filled with captivating dance performances. Live presentations by the company’s leaders, introduced by prerecorded movie trailers with them in the starring roles, truly impressed the employees.

After a great dinner show, the night ended with an amazing concert by Alice Merton, followed by a party with Diamond Soundsystem. For those who still had energy to spare, the night continued in the club, with the distinguished Berlin electro guru Peter Schumann, keeping the party going until the early hours.