Vienna Calling

Vienna, with its majestic architectural wonders and rich cultural tapestry, casts a mesmerizing spell on all who visit. In July 2018, we organized a unique incentive program for 100 guests from Accor Hotels. Aligning with the vibrant spirit of Vienna, the guests enjoyed their stay at a lifestyle hotel, known for its avant-garde design and a panoramic view of the city. The adventure began with a rooftop dinner overlooking Vienna, complete with a breathtaking sunset.

Vienna, 100 PAX

The following day was a deep dive into Vienna’s history, with stops at historic and modern landmarks, sprinkled with hilarious anecdotes.

A major highlight followed – a visit to St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the very heart of Vienna. The cathedral’s attic transformed into a stage for the charismatic Viennese comedian, Gery Seidl, who served up witty Viennese insights with a generous side of humor. This was followed by a typical Viennese ride to one of the world’s largest and most significant museums, exclusively reserved for the evening gala.

Guided tours of the Kunstkammer transformed into an interactive experience, culminating in the spectacular gala hall with an exclusive dinner and an intimate acoustic concert by Maria Mena, creating unforgettable memories.