Top of Germany

Celebrating guest loyalty we took our guests to the top of Germany for an ALL Live Limitless experience. The cable car ride to Germany’s highest peak proved to be an outstanding spectacle. From the moment of arrival, attendees were welcomed with captivating walk acts, delightful finger foods, fine wines, and a panoramic view of four countries.

Zugspitze, 100 PAX

Through QR code activation and walk act animations, we added local stories to the stunning scenery.

As the sun began its descent, the sky cleared, providing our guests with a sensation of floating above the clouds. While the last rays of sunlight illuminated the summit cross, a delightful menu was served, paired with carefully selected wines from three neighboring countries.

However, the evening wasn’t just about the food and the view. The evening was made even more special by a fantastic trio providing musical accompaniment and a dynamic, gravity-defying live pole performance. The highlight of the night was an incredibly intimate and unforgettable private concert by the talented singer Alice Merton in a cozy acoustic setting. It was truly a limitless experience!