d-fine – Summer Convention Amsterdam 2016

For the employees of the internationally renowned consulting firm, SCRIPT and TELL organized a grand Summer Convention, aimed at fostering team bonding, nurturing connections, and rejuvenating spirits. In Amsterdam, 850 participants experienced a diverse and extraordinary three-day incentive event.

Amsterdam, 850 PAX

To ensure a flawless planning process, a custom participant management system developed by SCRIPT and TELL was deployed in the preparations. It handled everything from room assignments and program scheduling to arrival logistics and gourmet preferences.

The weekend began with a casual get-together in the beautiful cultural monument of a historic 5-star hotel. Live lounge music and a diverse walking dinner encouraged lively conversations.

The following day featured a range of daytime activities. Participants could explore the wonders of Amsterdam at their leisure or dive headfirst into an adrenaline-pumping day at an exclusive beach club. With eight beach activities on offer, including waveskiing, powerkiting, beach volleyball, and GPS walk, it was a day to remember.

In the evening, participants were treated to a remarkable gala event held in one of Amsterdam’s most impressive landmarks. The program celebrated Dutch traditions with specially choreographed ballet performances, famous Dutch personalities as walk acts, and a charismatic host. A perfectly staged finale transitioned into a lively party that continued into the late hours with the high-energy show band, Diamond Soundsystem.

The grand finale was a canal boat tour on the last day. Onboard historic vessels, 650 participants enjoyed a journey through the city’s waterways while sipping coffee and savoring delightful Dutch pastries.

After over a year of meticulous planning, three thrilling and successful days in one of Europe’s most exciting cities came to a close.