Partner Days

In 2023, the Accor Partner Days took Budapest by storm, delivering an exciting and multi-layered event-experience set amidst a breathtaking setting. In this stunning cityscape, 300 participants descended upon Budapest for two memorable days of connections. Guests were treated to an engaging program, paired with a venue with a magnificent design scheme to keep everyone in the loop on the latest hospitality trends.

Budapest, 300Pax

With a dynamic venue, that felt more like an interactive playground, participants enjoyed a blend of informal networking spots and formal conference zones.

Elevating the convention experience was the inclusion of exhilarating show entertainment. Animated content and captivating screen designs brought information to life in the most engaging way possible. An exclusive web app afforded participants an efficient gateway to all the key details.

All of this happened in Budapest, the ultimate stage for our two-day convention. It concluded with a networking party that showcased the city’s gourmet delights, fashion-forward style, and unmissable entertainment.

Partner Days - Stage
Partner Days - Talk
Partner Days - Dancing
Partner Days - Show
Partner Days - Fun
Partner Days - Presentation
Partner Days - Budapest