Live Time Show – 50 years

To mark the 50-year partnership between DB Schenker and their valued client, SCRIPT and TELL unleashed a show concept like no other. To showcase the history of this partnership in a truly exceptional manner, an evening program was crafted around a sensational 5-course banquet.

Hamburg, 70 PAX
Company Event

We time-traveled through the last half-century, blending both companies’ journeys with global flavors from culture, politics, sports, and iconic moments. Authentic show performances representing each era provided the perfect musical backdrop.

The historical music revue took place in the historic walls of Schwetzingen Castle. Guided by a professional host and a dynamic seven-member ensemble, the audience experienced an adventure through the last 50 years. A 10-meter-wide projection screen came alive with dynamic visuals and company-specific content. Each decade was brought to life through multimedia presentations, combined with live musical performances, connecting the audience emotionally to the nostalgia of yesteryears. Personal recollections were interwoven with the voices of selected eyewitnesses, each story thoughtfully presented. The grand finale? A fireworks and a live documentary to keep those memories alive.

SCRIPT and TELL was the creative mastermind behind the design, idea generation, development, design, show concept, film production, and technical execution.