Le Club Ahoi

“In Hamburg sind die Nächte lang.” With this famous line of text, the Platinum members of the ‘Le Club Accor Hotels’ loyalty program were welcomed  at the historic former Customs House in the heart of the dynamic Warehouse District.

The journey embarked from the terrace of the Sofitel Alter Wall with the fitting mode of transportation — a classic harbor ferry.

Hamburg, 80 PAX
Company Event

Guiding the evening was a true Hamburg icon, radio moderator Kaya Lass. The exclusive five-course menu was elevated by the culinary artistry of Nelson Müller, prepared live with an abundance of humor and charm.

After a brief and emotionally charged interlude post-main course, it was time for the next exclusive highpoint. A day before the release of his new album ‘Experience,’ Max Mutzke delivered an intimate and highly emotional acoustic concert. The exceptional artist was bid farewell with resounding standing ovations from the roughly 100 guests.

As the ferry set sail back to the hotel, it was serenaded in quintessential Hamburg style: “In Hamburg sagt man Tschüss.“