Crazy for Warsaw

The Polish capital has always been a magnetic attraction for tourists, and its vibrant duality – swinging between grandeur and the underground, baroque and futuristic – is what truly captivates. During an exciting weekend incentive, 100 Accor hotel guests had the chance to unlock the city’s well-kept secrets.

Guided by skilled actors and walk-acts, the guests embarked on a captivating journey through the city’s history, a remarkable time-travel experience specially designed by SCRIPT and TELL.

Warsaw, 100 PAX

Guests traveled in vintage ‘Cucumber’ buses and Nysa minivans, adding a touch of nostalgia to their adventure, while local guides introduced them to the charms of Warsaw.

Every stop on this tour was a dynamic experience, from a vodka tasting session with distillery workers from the 1950s to magic tricks at the vibrant Black Market Bazaar and a grand speech by a Russian officer in front of the Palace of Culture. The final stop was a magnificent park and an enchanting evening venue – a water castle reached by a romantic gondola ride across the lake.

The castle’s host, an extravagant royal cousin, invited the guests to a grand burlesque-style gala dinner. Dancers, string quartet and the master of gentlemanly juggling lit up the night. The highlight of the evening: an emotional sofa concert by the German Soul-Pop Queen Leslie Clio, whose energy amazed all the guests.