Colorful Summer - Aussen

Colorful Summer

We love summer and its vibrant colors! That’s why we put together ‘Colorful Summer,’ an epic summer festival for one of our clients. 1.100 spirited employees gathering at an industrial venue just outside Frankfurt, a place that cleverly connects indoors and outdoors through wide-open doors. A mind-blowing array of zones, culinary wonders, and captivating photo opportunities.

Frankfurt, 1.100Pax
Company Event

As requested, we created an interactive and communicative ambiance around the theme ‘Color Splash.’ From our furniture choices to the creative photo setups, the decor, and even the food and beverages – color ran the show. The outdoor area, with its bright furnishings and vivid decor, transported everyone to that perfect summer daydream.

As the evening progressed, our guests were transported into a club-like and summer-night atmosphere, brought to life and entertained by the captivating performance of our party band Diamond Soundsystem.

Colorful Summer - Deckendeko
Colorful Summer - Bar
Colorful Summer - Sängerin
Colorful Summer - Band
Colorful Summer - Party
Colorful Summer - Entertainment