Christmas Radio

How can you celebrate the holiday season together when your team is all over the place? That was the challenge we embraced for Accor Northern Europe, a team with various remote locations and about 350 team members. Our solution? An engaging and interactive Christmas Radio Stream.

The Christmas Radio featured a laid-back show format that allowed participants to engage at their own pace.

Online, 350 PAX

With a generous five-hour time frame, team members could tune in during work hours and actively engage in the interactive highlights.

Our DJ and host took song requests, asked for the best holiday stories from colleagues, explored go-to holiday drinks, and even hosted a quiz battle – just a few of the many interactions that turned the stream into a team radio event.

To wrap things up, we enjoyed a wonderful acoustic concert by the Diamond Soundsystem Trio, creating a heartwarming holiday atmosphere.

For more info about our streaming events (like cooking, cocktails, tastings and more), feel free to visit miboso streaming events.